Saturday, September 27, 2008

KitchenAid Facts and Opinion (Update)

We have now owned our KitchenAid gas stove and microwave oven/vent hood for some time now. (See earlier blog.) Our opinion is that it is reliable, works well, has excellent programming built into it and we have used it for quite a number of exceptional meals. My only suggestion is this: get the black cooktop grates. We have the gray ones and with the heat and the splashing food, they eventually turn black on their own, while looking progressively worse as they change from gray to black. When they get all the way black things will be fine, meantime, it looks like we don't clean the stove very well. Otherwise, I'd buy the same units again. It's nice to have fairly expensive things that work.

Speaking of KitchenAid, we recently purchased a KitchenAid Professional coffee grinder. Another checkmark in the win column for KitchenAid. Killer brew every day and exceptional grind for home-brew espresso.

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