Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sometimes Corporations are Beyond Belief

O.K. here's the scenario. The Garebear somehow ends up with a package of Tanimura & Antle celery from grocery store. Garebear doesn't know which store the produce came from, but that's not the point. Garebear really likes said celery (you wouldn't think one celery would be different from the rest, but it was, and the grower/producer is proud enough of it to proudly display their company on the label) and calls or emails Tanimura & Antle Fresh Foods, Inc., letting them know their celery was great. Tanimura & Antle, in appreciation, sends coupons "Good on any Tanimura & Antle brand fresh vegetable. Now, as you know, it is difficult to find who produces or markets most fresh produce -- it shows up at the store with no name/company I.D. attached. However, The Garebear comes to find that Sam's Club markets Tanimura & Antle celery, iceberg lettuce, and romaine hearts. The Garebear says to himself -- "I'll vist Mr. Sam's Club, coupons in hand, and I will buy some lettuce and romaine hearts" -- thinking he will use his coupons that were so kindly provided by Tanimura & Antle because The Garebear liked their stuff. Mr. Sam's Club, however, says "We don't take coupons here -- we only take them if they were issued in the form of a check". So, the Garebear gets no lettuce, and leaves Mr. Sam's Club with much animosity brewing. The Garebear was going to buy more Tanimura & Antle produce than he would have otherwise, but no, Mr. Sam had to be a butthole and not take the coupons. By the Garebear's calculations, this stupid refusal to take the coupons cost Tanimura & Antle money, it cost Mr. Sam money, it created animosity in Garebear toward Mr. Sam's, and may have cost Mr. Sam a membership renewal and possibly revenue in the future. That's a big loss to Mr. Sam's Club over $1.10 in coupons not accepted.

Is Mr. Sam shaking in his boots because The Garebear is pondering not renewing his membership? Probably not. But, in economic tough times, how many Garebears can Mr. Sam piss off and still maintain a good reputation? The Garebear believes Mr. Sam should care about his customers -- especially because we are members of his "Club". The Garebear believes Mr. Sam should care about Tanimura & Antle, because they choose to market their quality produce there. The Garebear will email Tanimura & Antle, letting them know how much Mr. Sam cares about them and their customers. The Garebear has no illusions that any of this will make any difference to Mr. Sam, so this blog will probably fall into what The Garebear's attorney calls "Scum of the Earth Letters" -- it doesn't have any effect other than to get it on paper. But, The Garebear is willing to bet that it will make some type of minuscle difference to Tanimura & Antle, becuase they care about their buyers and they are proud of their produce. The Garebear will contact them and see what happens. Meantime, The Garebear advises readers out there to buy Tanimura & Antle produce and consider going elsewhere when it comes time for the monthly +/- trip to spend lots of dollars at Mr. Sam's. When it comes down to it, The Garebear wishes places like Mr. Sam's, Wal-Mart, Home Depot would just go away so the locally owned stores can thrive because they care about their customers.