Monday, March 19, 2007


I chose to step out of retirement and enter the world of ultrapure specialty gasses. I must say I'm very grateful to the management for hiring me and to my neighbor for recommending me. After a long (and surprisingly productive) day of safety training, I will now jump into the fray of helping manufacture Tungsten Hexaflouride. WF6 or "Wolf" as some call it is used in the manufacture of computer chips.

I'm beginning to think that this latest chapter in my career saga will be very interesting and may last long enough to give me some pre-retirement stability. Not that I'm thinking retirement -- but the stability part seems nice.

On a different note, a new restaurant experience. We went to Casa Grande Mexican restaurant a few evenings ago. It's fairly new to Longmont. But it's a strange restaurant in a strange building. Casa Grande shares the ground floor of a 3-story condominum building in a more or less industrial part of Longmont. The whole thing seems out of place. The upper floor(s) are these really high-dollar (outrageously so) condominiums. Get this -- in Longmont -- $450,000 for a 1600 sq. ft. condo that overlooks the mountains but also has a great view of some nearly defunct manufacturing facilities and their mostly empty parking lots. There's an underground parking garage and an elevator. Besides paying the outrageous price, then you pay annual dues. But you can eat at the Casa Grande or at an Asian Restaurant, or buy insurance or securities on the ground floor. We will go for the Asian food next time.

Casa Grande's food was O.K. but that's all. It was a nice place to sit and talk -- because no one was there -- underneath the overpriced and un-sold condos. It seemed like forced California-ism. Interesting, but strange.