Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heroes Followup

My one and only son in his Blog "I Really Don't Like the Word Blog" touches on what heroes are all about. To me a hero is someone who goes out of their way to do something above and beyond. Here's a partial list of my heroes:

My first boss at the camper building shop -- he put up with me as long as his patience and pocketbook held out. I was slow and the concept of the pickup camper was coming to a close. He'll always have a place in my heart because he made the extra effort to give me a job (my first).

A small group of clients in South-Central and Southwest Kansas -- I had worked for them in the late 70s as part of a consulting group. They had told me whenever I was ready to come back in business on my own, they would be there for me. I started the business -- They were there for me.

The group of inner city Black people from inner city El Reno, OK. I got myself in a bind with a grain truck and combine trailer. They got me out of the bind. And changed my perception of racial interactions.

The people of New Jerusalem Church in Reno, NV. A hotel desk clerk sent me and a friend of mine there as a joke when we were asking about local churches. They turned out to be a really fun, sincere, loving Black people (who really knew how to transcend race and just live, love God, and treat everyone as family). The joke was on that hotel clerk. New Jerusalem Church gained a spot in my heart.

T/A Truck Stop in Limon, CO. Whomever management was at the time is my hero. I was planning to drive to Kansas for Christmas, but had become very ill the day before. On Christmas Day, I was well enough to drive, but I was lonely for my kids and late getting started. I stopped in Limon to take a break and filled my pickup with diesel fuel. They were handing out free Christmas dinners to all truckers, and I guess since I had a diesel pickup, I qualified as a trucker. I really enjoyed that meal, and I think the combination of good food, good hospitality, and the thought of them being nice helped heal me of my illness. That place and those people were my heroes that day. Since then, I have donated three times to their managers, instructing them to seek out those who look like they could use the boost of a free meal.

Jesus in my superhero. Even if he wasn't God, He lived and demonstrated a life and philosophy that is amazingly right-on but so super hard to follow as he intended. Once in a while, I connect with others in a meaningful way, but so much of the time I let fear, doubt, logic, and a few other distractions get in the way.

Well, tis late and I'll have to follow up on this thought on another night.