Monday, February 5, 2007

Oh! Hillary!!!

Take the profits and put them in an alternative energy program? Hey all you far left Democrats out there -- just what we need. Punish the companies that bust their butts to provide us with affordable energy, create a lot of dollars to waste on another government bureaucracy, and ignore the U.S. companies that are really hurting, like Ford Motor Company. I don't like high oil prices either, but seems like this thing called "food" is getting a little high too. Many don't realize the hoops that oil companies have to jump through to a) provide a standard quality, consistent product that works at all altitudes and temperatures, b) to meet the numerous standards due to emissions requirements at numerous locations, and c) to make available all that we need, when we need it at easily accessible locations in d) a generally safe setting so fires, accidents, etc. are a rarity. An engineer at Frontier Oil Company sent me a document detailing the gasoline standards. We should all be grateful for what the oil companies do for us. And, if we are wise, send Hillary packing back to Mr. Bill. Please, be wise -- don't send her to the White House. I grew up to respect our leaders. How can I respect a leader of our country that actually says and believes such things. (I can give you information on where to get the gasoline standards if you should desire to read such a technical thing. It even has mathematics equations.)

Job Safari

Well, another opportunity gone by. I was informed that an Illinois company who was otherwise interested in me felt that I had too much experience and couldn't be mentored into their operation (read "too old, you geezer!!"). Also, I wanted too much money. Never mind that what they were offering was more than I've ever made. But, the good news -- what they were offering would have been hard to live on in, I'm assuming, in the Chicago area. Funny thing is, I really don't want to move from here unless I have to -- it's kind of like home here, despite some of the problems developing with this area. I've always thought it best to go where the jobs are. Now, I can't seem to find them anywhere. A side effect of aging and being a past business owner -- nobody comes looking for me any more like they used to. The moral of the story is, keep positive, keep looking, keep up your network, always have a resume out there circulating, and, I hate to say it, cover your own butt by meeting your own needs and don't worry about anyone else (as long as you don't have to compromise your moral values). If anyone tries to take advantage of you, set them straight as soon in the game as you can, using your best assertiveness. I'm still glad I quit -- it was the only way for me to maintain my self image in that sick situation I was in.

Super Bowl Sunday -- it was interesting to have a super bowl party when nobody really cares which teams are in the big game. Much easier to talk and socialize.