Thursday, March 8, 2007

Good Coffee

Coffee Report: Had a chance to hang out with the kids at Radina's Coffeehouse and Roastery in Aggieville, Manhattan, KS. Good coffee is based on three things 1) geographic origin and how it is treated from picking to dehulling, 2) the skills of the roastmaster, and 3) proper brewing. Radina's apparently purchases good coffee, roasts it properly, and brews it correctly. I got a cup and a refill of their Guatamela. Very bold, with a full palate. Satisfying aftertaste. I drank slowly and it was even good as the temperature declined. It's nice to be able to go to a nice place like Radina's where they care about their customers and get a good cup of real coffee.

In addition, one of our Christmas presents from Christmas 06 was a pound of whole bean Powercat Blend coffee, also roasted by Radina's. Our Christmas family get together didn't happen due to the blizzard of 06 and the next weekend too. (See "Marshmallow Cars" at bottom of this blog). So we didn't get our Christmas coffee until early March. I brewed a cup yesterday evening. Same story as above. Good coffee. The Powercat Blend is lighter, somewhat fruitier, with more of a middle of the tongue effect. Good aftertaste. An excellent coffee for drinking black -- goes down easy, satisfying, less bitter than some coffees. In conclusion, a thumbs-up to both Radina's Powercat Blend and Guatemala. Check out Radina's in Aggieville when you have a chance.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Mazda 6 bye bye

Had some interesting adventures in the Kansas City, MO metro area on my way to a rollerhockey tournament. Drawing it was more fun than trying to tell it in words.